Adhoc connection prompts the wrong password

Does WP7 support a wireless Adhoc network connection? I can connect to a normal wireless network connection but once I set up the Adhoc from my laptop, only my windows mobile can connect. The WP7 prompts the wrong password, even though I have already made sure it’s correct. Hope an update will fix this.

Solution 1
I have run into similar problems on my Omnia 7. I want to be able to create an Adhoc connection to an embedded WiFi module. I have configured my laptop to simulate the module’s Adhoc setup – static IP address, no authentication, no encryption but after a small pause, the phone says it cannot connect (not a password error). I then tried running a DHCP server on the laptop and I was able to make the connection. I presume that WP7 will fail to connect if it is not able to obtain an IP address. This isn’t a practical solution for me as I cannot run a DHCP on the embedded module but you may find that if you enable internet connection sharing that you will be able to connect as this starts a DHCP server and will provide an IP address to the phone. It’s a shame that you cannot configure the IP settings for the connection. You can view them if you edit the settings but the relevant text boxes are read-only. Perhaps this will be added in a future update as it would allow you to connect the phone to other devices without the need for a router.